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Yoga is not a religion or renunciation. It is for everyone, independent of age, beliefs, costumes or flexibility. It incorporates relaxation, breathing and energy components along with awareness of self – physically and mentally.
When you practice Yoga you are aiming to integrate the body, mind and emotions to bring balance.

Classes are structured to suit your needs, for all levels and ages. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, anytime, anywhere.
It will gently align the body, increase flexibility of joints and muscles, relax, relieve stress, focus on correct breathing, increase body awareness and energize.  It is part of a lifestyle and it is never too late to begin seeing and feeling the incredibly positive results of yoga.

By becoming aware of our body we give ourselves access to our entire being. You can awake your five senses, sharpen your perceptions, have and know how to project an image of yourself that satisfies you and that you can respect.

You can affirm your individuality, rediscover your initiative and your confidence in yourself. No matter your age, you can open the traps that have imprisoned your inner life and your body’s behaviour and reveal the free, beautiful, well-made individual that you were meant to be.

But body awareness cannot be given. Body awareness can only be taken, and only by those who allow themselves to.


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To enjoy the glow of good health you must exercise

Yoga Rejuvenates

Yoga Rejuvenates

Through Yoga you can experience complete rejuvenation and slow the ageing process.
Yoga allows you to feel younger within and live healthier and longer. The practice of yoga slows down the body ageing process in ways you can see and feel.

The ageing process is, of course, completely natural and inevitable.

What yoga can do though, is reduce many of the common physical effects of ageing including the appearance of the skin, chronic weakness, and curvature of the spine.
Yoga will help you to strengthen the immune system.

Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time in your life.
It changes your body, mind and soul in every way.

Prepare your mind, body & spirit for the journey of pregnancy, childbirth & parenthood. Yoga can assist with many aspects of this special time in your life, from conception, to birth & beyond.

Learning to focus, using your breath and gentle moves to prepare your body for childbirth. Creating relaxation & equilibrium within, for the baby and you.

Yoga poses and breathing techniques are tried, tested and proven by countless pregnant women to deliver excellent results.

Yoga for life

Yoga for life

By practicing yoga regularly you will improve your visible posture significantly and also eliminate tension in the bones and muscles around the spine.

A more flexible back allows the spaces between the vertebrae to open up and receive the nutrients they must absorb to keep you healthy.

Yoga is also an effective and natural way to reduce stress by deep breathing, relaxation and gentle exercise. These methods follow natures way of restoring the body and have a very positive effect.

This wonderful lifestyle, keeps the body strong and helps you to relax and enjoy life. It teaches you to be in tune with your body, reducing stress chemicals around the body and encourages you to feel more positive.

Your life of yoga with


Yoga has helped me to relax and be aware of my own body.

Being aware of my body helps me to eat healthy and to care about it in every aspect.

I started yoga as a teenager and have been practicing since, going to yoga studios and performing my own practice at home.

I decided to become a yoga teacher to be able to pass to others what I have learned and practiced over the years. I am passionate about people and I love to be able to see the results yoga brings to each individual.
Yoga is a lifestyle and I try to follow it as best as I can, offering advice on dealing with particular health problems and nutrition.



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Happy Customers

“I've been going to Paola's yoga classes for over 5 years now and absolutely love it. I love how she always checks with the class how they are feeling beforehand and takes the class accordingly, be it a relaxing stretch style class or a more high energy flow type class. As Paola always reminds us "listen to your body" and my body is always very happy after one of her classes.”
Rochelle C
“I went to Paolas yoga classes a few years ago and loved it - easy to follow at your own pace so relaxing but you really feel like you've done something too. Then I changed to her pregnancy classes and I still do some of the moves and stretches daily now and my daughter is almost 3. Highly recommend to anyone!”
Carly G
“I was a real sceptic when I first started Yoga with Paola many years ago. Coming from a staunch rugby background, I wasn’t convinced that Yoga would help me achieve my exercise goals. I have been proven wrong since the first class and am now a converted user of Yoga to help me stretch and strengthen my body.”
William C
“We had our baby boy on Monday (11 days over). Beautiful natural birth, 3 hour labour and a truly wonderful overwhelming experience! 8 pound 10 Thanks for great classes. I definitely thought about the techniques during it all and most of all keeping that knowledge that my body knew what it was doing and to go with it .”
“Just wanted to let you know that i gave birth yesterday morning (she was 10 days early). Thank you so much for all your teaching as a lot of what you have been teaching us really assisted during labour as well as mentally preparing myself for birth.”
“Hi Paola, just wanted to let you know that we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into this world on Saturday night.. My labour was very quick (just over 5 hours) and I had him naturally, so I'm very happy I didnt need a cesarean again! Focusing on my out breath and relaxing my jaw really helped, thank you so much for your yoga classes, they were a highlight of my week! All the best with your upcoming birth!”

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